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448 Northeast 3rd Street
McMinnville, OR, 97128

Shabby Paints - Chalk Acrylic Paint & Chalk Paint Supply Store. We carry all of the supplies to create the hottest trends in restyled furniture, as well as the latest Farmhouse inspired & French Country home decor. 

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Shabby Paints


Why I love Shabby Paints

I have been a "shabby" style painter for more than 10 years, and have used most of the products on the market. I have been using chalk style paints since before they were even popular, and from the moment I first tried them, I loved them! I love the beautiful matte finish, the wonderful versatility, the amazing coverage without primer, the very little prep required, but..... I HATED WAXING!!!

I put up with waxing for years because I love the look of chalk paint, and I found Shabby Paints products on Pinterest a couple years ago, and with the absence of a retailer in Oregon, I ordered my first products online, and it was love at first paint!! I was blown away by the incredible quality of the paint, the affordability, and was the most taken by Shabby Paints product called Vax that replaces the need for waxing and buffing.

Vax is a beautiful, water based finish that hardens to a protective layer that bonds with the paint. Its smooth and easy to clean, and does not have the thick and sticky feeling of wax. Dust wipes off clean instead of getting grimy like when cleaning a waxed piece of furniture. It can be used on exterior doors, flower pots, outdoor furniture. it holds up to the elements, and it does not yellow in the sun. Once you use Vax, you will never go back!! It will change your life if you love chalk style painting.

These are high quality products that are graded for professionals, easy enough for beginners, and safe for children. There are no fumes, no waiting for paint to dry, and even better yet they are totally affordable. 

Being a person who has suffered with an autoimmune disease my entire life, using traditional products has always been difficult for me, fumes, and chemicals really mess me up. If I even think about eating something not organic I am sick for days, so the chemicals in paints really did a number on me, and it is a pastime I truly love. When I found this paint company, I knew I had that something special that filled a need in our local community and knew I was ready to finally pursue my dream of owning a store, having these amazing products I can stand behind. Everything Shabby Paints stands for is about  caring for our planet, and the health and safety of our families, building local community, and all of Shabby Paints products are proudly made in the USA! It doesn't get any better than that. 

That is why I am a proud Shabby Paints Stylist! 

Every Shabby Paints product is safe, non-toxic, ZERO V.O.C., and made/owned in the USA.

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Shabby Paints

100% Non-toxic, and Zero VOC's! Go ahead and paint inside the house without worrying about the health and safety of your family. Its just another thing about Shabby Paints you can feel good about.

All Shabby Paints products are designed to be mixed, matched, and played with leaving you with endless color choices, and a variety of finishes for whatever mood you are in. 

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No Waxing.... No Buffing!!! 

Waxing and buffing is a thing of the past! No more buffing until your arms fall off, no more stinky fumes, no more reapplying, and no more restrictions! You can now chalk paint things to go outside. VAX a beautiful, easy to clean, protective finish, with the slight sheen you love from wax, but without all the headaches and hard work. Did I mention that reVax comes in black, white, & hazelnut? Oh yes! 

For more custom color results from mixing Shabby Paints visit 

For more custom color results from mixing Shabby Paints visit 

For more custom color results from mixing Shabby Paints visit 

For more custom color results from mixing Shabby Paints visit 

Great How-to-Videos to get you started!!

We also have amazing classes & workshops to help you on your journey to transform your home. See the current schedule under "workshops". 

Shabby Paints - Two Color Distressing

Shabby Paints - How to Apply Vax & Revax 

Shabby Paints - Gelato Stain Tutorial

Shabby Paints - Dry Brushing Technique 

Shabby Paints - How to Apply a Transfer Image using Vax! 

Shabby Paints - Layering Colors 


About Shabby Paints:


While developing Shabby Paints we had a lot of important things to consider. First we wanted the professional furniture painter to have the best possible paint and finishes to offer their clients.  Next we wanted it to be easy enough for the beginner, requiring no special training or skills. Then most importantly we had to do the right thing, had to be American Made, Non Toxic, Baby Safe, and Environmentally Friendly!  For all those who said it couldn’t be done…You are Very Welcome!!

~Shabby Paints


Designed for those that finish furniture professionally, but easy enough for the beginner.


The combination of modern technology and the highest quality all American ingredients have made our products the ultimate go to brand for affordable furniture finishing.


We married non-toxic acrylics, high quality resins and natural pigments to give you the ultimate degree of durability & adhesion.


Give your Clients and your home a piece of furniture transformed with something they will love for its durable beauty and its safety.  A lot of paints say low VOC, and hide the fact that mean they are still toxic. When you bring a piece of furniture into your home painted with a Low VOC paint, toxins will be leaching into the air for Months to years to come.

  • All Shabby Paints products are environmentally Friendly, Made in the USA, NON-Toxic, and contain NO VOC’s.

  • Cleans up with soap and water.

  • Our products are all formaldehyde and lead free.

  • No Animal Byproducts, no bees Wax, 100% Vegan.

  • Baby & Nursery Safe

  • Non Polluting & Environmentally Sound

  • Conforms to ASTM D6886

  • Shabby Paints meets all requirement of Proposition 65..California Law.

  • *Shabby Paints is perfect for those with chemical sensitivities or milk allergies. Contains no Casein.


**We know there are a lot of paints on the market, but rest assured, Shabby Paints was developed by chemists with over 50 years of experience developing NON-Toxic, VOC free Products.


***Because we don’t use antifreeze or toxic chemicals Shabby Paints products can freeze if not stored properly.  Keep paint in a dry area between 60 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.


Paint Safe!